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Hi my name is Baby

Hi my name is Baby and my human’s name is Hannah. Hannah and I like to ride on trails and we have a lot of fun doing gaming events. Nothing like going fast and having the wind in my mane to make me smile. I’m a bay colored quarter horse and I have a little white on my nose and on my left front foot. I’m 12 years old and my birthday is in June. If you are thinking of getting me anything for my birthday I love carrots, nature valley granola bars, and jelly beans (but only the red ones please). I live at Fish Creek with my friend Graysky. We are out in the semi-privates if you want to come and say Hi. My human Hannah is now in College so we don’t get as much time together as I would like. But, then again it gives me plenty of time to do my favorite thing…. Eat! Hannah has been at the barn since she was 16 and has ridden my friends Guy Guy, Naduah, and Razcal. But after we met it was true love and she only rides me now. I am her Baby and she is my mommy.

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