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  • Dory Jackson

 I offer lessons and training to help guide, support and advance both recreational and competitive riders.


 I provide you and your horse with a solid foundation so you can achieve your unique riding goalsI

 Horses in training are taken along at their pace, they will not be pushed to do something they are not ready for. They will not be abused! My philosophy is I would rather under-do a horse than overdo a horse. Far too many times I see trainers work and work horses to frustration and confusion, that causes a horse to stop trying for you. I like to leave the "try" and "want-to" in them. When you allow a horse or rider to get frustrated or confused you lose ground. I would rather gain a little ground than lose any. I ride a horse and when every thing is good, I get off and to let them know that things are good. Your horse will be worked 5+ days a week (full training) at trainer's discretion. Weekly lessons are available at no additional cost. I prefer that you learn with your horse. It'll keep from confusing your horse.

 The same for you....I take it at your pace, but do push when I feel that you are ready for a bump. Each person has a different goal. I am there to help you reach the goals that you have set for yourself if it takes a week, year or life time. They are your goals and I respect that. I have been training and showing for over 28 years. I own too many horses and still love what I am doing. Let me show you the fun and excitement that you can find with your horse partner!

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