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Training, Lessons and Sales



Welcome to Brejd Sport Horses. Dory Jackson, training out of FISH CREEK FARM:

Colt starting, finishing, lessons, sales, and good times!

Whether you plan to compete in dressage, you want to improve your riding skills, or you intend to have the most fun possible every time you ride, our programs can help you reach your version of success.


Dressage training, dressage lessons, Hunter, Western, Gaming, Endurance Riding, Trail Riding and horseback riding lessons: any and all are available, on your horse or on one of our school horses.

We offer monthly training packages as well as individual lessons, on your horse or ours.

The atmosphere at our barn is positive and encouraging; even the national-level riders remember that they were beginners once and are as friendly as everyone else you will meet.

Our goal is a balanced, supple, forward, and cheerfully cooperative horse: desirable traits in any riding endeavor.


We encourage our riders to pursue riding disciplines that are suitable for their skill level and horse's abilities.


Contact Dory Jackson
at 425 923-0965

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Lisa's first lesson on Guy 

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