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Effective September 1, 2022

Board payments DUE 1st of each month


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Vaccination Requirements

Boarding Contract

Liability Release Form


Based on regular hay testing, currently all horses are fed a combination of 15 lbs Eastern Washington grass hay and alfalfa per day. Each horse is fed one pound of LMF Super Supplement A per day (with one exception, see below). Supplemental calories are available for an additional fee.


Stall Boarding with All Day Turn-Out $690.00

Paid in  advance, otherwise $25.00 per day

Daytime turnout into a large pasture with other horses and individually stalled at night. Each stall is cleaned daily.


Stall Boarding $690.00

Paid in  advance, otherwise $25.00 per day

The horse is kept in a stall all day & night (horse may be turned out in a paddock, if available). It will be the horse owner's responsibility to make sure the horse is exercised daily. (If horse is in training, the trainer assumes this responsibility.) Each stall is cleaned daily.


Paddock Boarding $755.00

Paid in  advance, otherwise $25.00 per day

Horse is in a stall with an attached paddock. Each stall is cleaned daily.

Semi-Private Pasture Board $615.00

Paid in  advance, otherwise $20.00 per day

Each semi-private pasture is a 1.5 acre pasture with a 10' x 12' shed. One or two horses will be assigned to any one semi-private pasture.  

Pasture Board $470.00

Paid in  advance, otherwise $15.00 per day

Pasture board horses are kept together in a 12 acre pasture with a large shed. LMF Super Supplement A is available to horse owner for a additional $20 per month.





HAUL-IN FEE (non-boarders) $5.00

OVERNIGHT STALL (non-boarders)  $25/Day


SHORT TERM BOARDING (less then one month)

     STALL $30.00/Day

     SEMI-PASTURE $25.00/Day

     PASTURE $20.00/Day


EXTRA FEED (additional labor costs may apply)

     HAY $2.50/Flake

     Haystack $ individually determined

SERVICE FEE: feeding owner's pre-bagged feed/supplements

     $0.50/ feeding




Owner will make appointments for these services and

will be on hand to handle the horse while service is being provided. If FISH CREEK FARM staff is requested to assist in handling horses during the owners absence, a $15.00 service fee will be charged.



See boarding Contract


We also offer FREE TRAILER PARKING for boarders!


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