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Riding Instruction:

Included with your 30 minute lesson is instruction before and after on grooming, tacking, and untacking the horse.

All ages and riding abilities are welcome. we try to help you achieve your riding goals!


Horse Training:

$400.00 per month for full training, 5 days per week or 4 days and one lesson a week.

$325.00 for partial training 3 days per week, Or 2 days and 1 lesson a week.

Training sessions can include groundwork, riding, and more depending on your horse's needs. Sessions are for approximately one hour/day.

Extra Weekly lessons are available at additional cost.


Horse Showing:

$50 per day for Local and/or schooling shows, to be split among all participants.

Others on a case by case basis for regional and nationals shows depending on the number of horses going.


Other Services:

We offer many options from complete body clipping to just a touch up.

Show Clipping- $35 (includes bridle path, muzzle, ears, and legs).

Body Clipping- $100

Photo session (includes prep- clipping and a bath also oil-body spray)- $75

Video session (includes prep- clipping and a bath also oil-body spray)- includes a completed video $125


Sales Horses:

Horses will be taken on a case by case basis. Sale horses will be charged full training and a 10% commission once sold.

10% Commission fee and all travel expenses to be paid by client


Rates are subject to change with 30 day notice.


Showing at a local, regional and national level



References available on request.




Call Dory Jackson at (425) 923-0965
or email

Training and Lesson Fees

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